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Brillo Cameo Copper, Brass & Porcelain Cleaning Powder

Brillo Cameo Copper, Brass & Porcelain Cleaning Powder

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This non-abrasive cleaning powder removes tarnish in seconds, leaving a like-new, long-lasting shine behind. The anti-tarnish formula means less frequent cleaning of your copper pots and pans and brass. You can even use it to remove stains and rust from porcelain and ceramic surfaces without the hard scrubbing or gritty residue left by other products. That’s why Brillo is one of the most trusted names in household cleaning. 

  • Non-abrasive, anti-tarnish cleaning powder effectively restores luster to surfaces around your home.

  • Residue-free original finish helps protect against fingerprints for less frequent cleaning.

  • Cleans copper pots, brass items, and porcelain sinks and tubs with ease

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