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ASMRStudioCo Chalk Compound Box

ASMRStudioCo Chalk Compound Box

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Do you love watching those powder-crushing ASMR videos? Those soft and crunchy white blocks which crumble into a perfect pile of powder? Well, look no further!

Our chalk block compounds were personally tested to be the best for ASMR use! They come in a variety of textures to best suit your ASMR needs and cravings. Each box contains 8 blocks of chalk.

Texture Options

Soft: A buttery soft crush.

Medium: Crispy but easy to crush.

Firm: For the crunch lovers!


Things you can do with our calcium carbonate blocks:

- Crush

- Shave

- Paint and Dye

- Add To Slime

- And More!

The powder can then be used to make reforms and other creations! This means the tingles can keep going!

Our blocks are non-toxic but should NOT be consumed. This product is not edible and should be used with proper ventilation precautions. Please use it in a well-ventilated and open space!

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