Meet the Founders!

Aulexcia (mostly known in the ASMR world as @PettyASMRR) started her journey when she was only a child. By playing in washing powders and using the baby powder longer than usual. She always wondered why she found such interest in powders and wondered if she were alone. Fast forward 15 years and she's made what she couldn't understand a business! "My goal is just to create a space and platform for everyone to feel comfortable in exploring what relaxes them."

Aulexcia Larry


As an ASMR content creator for over 2 years, Allie (also known as alz.asmr) specializes in creating content that soothes the soul, calms the auditory system and presents uniquely beautiful work. As she says herself, “I’ve been doing ASMR for so long that it feels like home!” — a feeling that shines in the seemingly effortless aesthetic pleasure of her content and radiates to her captivated audience. She started her page by doing crazy gym chalk crush combinations that have since wowed the world! As her following grew, her goal remained the same. Creating an ASMR space where you can feel relaxed and satisfied.

Allie Bushell