How We Came Up With the "Soft", "Medium", and "Firm" Texture Terms

During the brainstorming process in mid 2021, we knew we wanted to offer our customers with a large variety of textures. As Asmrtists we knew how inconsistent gym chalk blocks could be because they were not made for our craft. And at the time there wasn't any chalk companies that were producing chalk specifically for ASMR use. Our goal was to change that. We wanted to find a way to cater to every asmr lovers preference. Our first idea was Firm chalk. The term “Firm Chalk” was something we came up with that differentiated super hard unfavorable chalk from our satisfying, glassy and tougher chalk blocks! Perfect for the Asmrtists who loves crunch and playing in the pebbles for a bit longer than normal during those powder play sessions.

The term “medium chalk” was born soon afterwards. Simply because it was the perfect way to describe our middle ranged chalk. We knew that a lot of artists preferred a snappy and crisp block texture that also did not completely fall apart when crushing or when they open their box. Medium is the perfect texture for every Asmrtist. Its easy on the hands and makes for amazing glitter bombs.

Soft is by far our best selling chalk block compound texture. We knew that this texture was the most sought after and hardest to find. Before restocks and during quality control checks, both Allie and Lexcie check each block to ensure the block compounds have the best performance for their intended texture. Simply because it matters! This process was adapted after a vendor mishap that completely changed the original formula to that of a much firmer chalk block. Since then we’ve vowed to make sure that consistency is to the best of our ability our top priority. Soft chalk is perfect for the Asmrtists that love a fluffy and powdery experience that melts in your hands. Perfect for dyeing different colors and reforming.

Of course these are only our BASE textures and we are very excited to share the rest of them with you as they become available.

Our goal since ASC was established in 2021 was to help bring asmr specific products for Asmrtists in all shapes, sizes and preferences for great prices! We continue to be one of the most affordable options for ASMR chalk compound blocks on the market and strive to always give a platform for the Asmrtists that use our products every day. Made by Asmrtists for Asmrtists.

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