ASC Meetup FAQs

ASC Meetup FAQs

I'm interested in going. How do I sign up?

Visit our website - - and fill out the contact form. You MUST enter an instagram username in the comment section. This serves as your RSVP!


I’ve filled out the contact form. Now what?

Follow our Instagram for updates and info on all things “ASC Meetup”. All RSVP participants will be added to the guest list group email and chat. This will be an information group only.

What is the guest list and how do I get on it?

The guest list is the official list of RSVP participants. The list will be updated and posted every week as more people join. The deadline for completing the RSVP contact form is Sept 1st, 2024.  Afterwards the guest list will be closed.

I want to book a hotel. Where is the event being held ?

For safety reasons all location information will be provided to RSVP participants only. This information will be shared in the rsvp emails / chat.

Will I need to pay for anything?

It is free to RSVP. All expenses (hotel, travel, food, etc) during “ASC MEETUP” are subject to the participant. There may be a small fee to enter the gala. All prices and information will be provided in the guest list email / chat.

What is the ASC meetup gala / exchange?

The ASC meetup gala will be a fun way for asmrtists to meet, connect and network! This is a formal event so all participants will be expected to dress to impress! There will be a short live stream of the event for those unable to attend.

Do we have to attend all 3 days?

It is not necessary to attend all 3 meetup days! RSVP participants are invited to join on any of the listed event dates.

I have a small business / shop and am interested in having my products displayed or available for sell at the gala. How do I get info?

If you are interested in having your products displayed officially or for sale at the gala please send us a DM! We are interested in working with shops and creators! You do not have to attend to have your products displayed.

What are lodging plans? Are we staying in a hotel or airbnb?

For purpose of safety and expenses, all lodging will be subject to the participant. However, there will be a central hotel that will be advised.

Will there ever be another meetup somewhere else?

Yes! The “ASC meetup” weekend event will be annual. This year it is hosting in Dallas, Texas. However, next year will be in a different location. Let us know where you’d like to see us next year?




















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